Mini Implants

Temporary Dental Implants in the Noosa Area

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How it Works

A small screw is inserted into the bone so that orthodontic forces applied between the screw and the teeth are resisted by the bone. The screw acts as an anchor and only the teeth on the other end of the force are moved. The force is generated by either elastics or wires.

Benefits of Mini Implants

The great benefit of using a TAD is that only the teeth that need to be moved are moved and this is done in a specific direction. This gives the orthodontist absolute control of tooth movement. It often means we do not need to use other forms of anchorage e.g. headgear and in some cases we can work in only one arch alone and not both upper and lower as was once the case. They have eliminated the need for surgery in some cases.

A Simple Solution

TAD’s are simple to insert it only takes a few minutes usually a small local injection is used but sometimes topical anaesthetics are used. They are also easy to remove with no need of analgesia. They are an additional cost for the treatment of approximately $1500.
Temporary mini implants give your orthodontist total control in which teeth are moved

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