Ceramic Braces

Discreet Ceramic Braces in the Noosa Area

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A Tooth-Coloured Alternative

Ceramic braces are another discreet option when it comes to straightening teeth. While very similar to traditional metal braces, ceramic braces have tooth-coloured brackets that fit onto the teeth, which makes them appear less obvious. Dr Short also uses Teflon-coated, tooth-coloured wires instead of metal wires, which makes the braces even less easy to see.

The Process

Ceramic braces can be a good choice where traditional braces seem to be the most appropriate treatment option, but the person would still like to reduce the visibility of the braces to others. Ceramic braces are fitted following an initial consultation with Lesley at her Noosa clinic, then the client returns on a regular basis to review progress and make any necessary adjustments. The time required for treatment depends on how much the teeth need to move. 
Tooth-coloured brackets allow you to hide your braces in plain sight

Unique Advantages

One advantage is that the cost of ceramic braces is only about $500 more than traditional braces. They can be a great option for people looking for less-obvious solutions. Dr Short is qualified in specialist techniques that can reduce the time needed for braces to work by up to 66%.
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Make a start today on getting a beautiful smile by ringing our office. Sunshine Coast Orthodontics offers comprehensive appointments to give you an idea of your options and the costs involved. Dr Lesley can also tell you about alternatives which may be quicker or cheaper, depending on your needs. 
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